The term "disk space" is oftentimes identified as "disk quota" or "data storage", however all these words mean the exact same thing - the volume of data that you'll be able to upload to a shared hosting account. The total size of what you have is calculated by accumulating the space used by the entire content within your account, the most obvious being the files that you upload. Two more things are often ignored by various end users, though - email messages and also databases. Sizeable attachments or databases of large script-driven sites can sometimes take a lot of storage space as well. In order to employ a more recognizable analogy, the hdd space of your home computer is used not just by files you download, but also by documents you generate plus programs you add. In the same way, numerous things are counted towards the disk space that your info needs on a website hosting server, not only the uploads.
Disk Space in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting plans were designed with the notion that insufficient disk space should not be something that will reduce the development of your sites. For that reason we've taken a technique which is distinct from the one that most web hosting suppliers take - instead of just creating a range of accounts using one server and eventually running out of storage space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is handled by a large cluster of servers. Because of this, we can always connect more machines when they're required and / or more hard drives, so as to offer more disk space for the files of our valued customers. Different clusters manage your email messages and your databases, thus not only will you be able to enhance your sites not worrying about space, but also all the servers will operate better and faster owing to the fact that each service features its own storage space and an individual server doesn't handle different kinds of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
All of our semi-dedicated server plans have "disk space" as a feature in order to stress that it's really limitless. We were able to achieve that with the help of a revolutionary, tailor-made cloud hosting platform, where your databases, emails and files are located on individual clusters of servers. We can add additional HDDs or entire servers to all of the clusters and at any time, plus our website hosting Control Panel was made to support this kind of platform. In contrast, nearly all of the Control Panels on the website hosting market can work only on one server, and regardless of what many companies promote, they really generate a number of accounts on just a single machine. Employing a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you'll never need to concern yourself with disk storage restrictions and you can concentrate on improving your websites.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
All our VPS servers come with disk space allocations proportional to the computing power you will get with every single package. Employing a higher package, for instance, it is more likely you will host a number of domains or a single big website, hence your disk space grows as you upgrade the plan. If you choose the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all the domain names will share the space, while if you choose DirectAdmin or cPanel, you will be able to set up independent web hosting accounts and allocate a pre-defined amount of the entire VPS storage space for each individual domain name. You will even be able to reallocate disk storage from one domain to another when necessary. When you purchase a given VPS package and then you need further space in the future, you can upgrade to a higher-end plan with just a couple of clicks from your billing area. The extra system resources will be included in your current plan with no downtime or content migration.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
Our Linux dedicated web hosting plans include multiple hard disk drives in order to match the computing power that you'll get, which means that you'll never need to be concerned about running out of hdd storage. The hard drives can function in RAID, meaning that a drive can be a mirror of another in order to make sure that your info will be protected, alternatively it can be used individually for even larger full storage space. Many hundreds of gigabytes of disk storage will be at your disposal all of the time, therefore you will be able to manage large sites, upload huge files and even duplicate your personal archive. Due to the fact that a dedicated server is definitely the most powerful kind of website hosting, you will be able to upload/download files with ultra fast speeds. When required, we also provide you with the option to add more drives and use even more storage space for your content. We provide 3 hosting Control Panels with the dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all domains will share the whole server space and they will be operated in a single place, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you will have the option to generate individual hosting accounts with pre-defined disk space allocations for each domain hosted on the server.